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Vincent Hickory Stripe

Vincent Hickory Stripe

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The hickory stripe is one of the iconic American workwear fabrics — if not the most. It was favored by railroad workers and painters as the stripes would obscure stains. The catchy but odd name is believed to refer to the fabric's hard-wearing properties; because it is ""tough as hickory."" Other excellent details are the cream-colored threads, and the blue corozo buttons.

And while it is indeed tough, it is compared to denim that's flatter and lighter in weight due to the thinner yarn and flatter 2/1 construction. Therefore, it's perfect for workwear where comfort is of importance.

We have developed this 8.5 oz. 2/1 Z hickory stripe denim by studying our favorite vintage examples. The 2/1 construction gives the indigo stripe an almost solid mid-blue color. To highlight the indigo blue hue, we purposely made it wider. Which also creates a more pleasing balance between the stripes.

  • Organic Cotton
  • 8.5 oz. rigid denim
  • Cream thread at seams 
  • Corozo buttons
  • Relaxed fit
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in TN
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